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EKEN H9 Action Camera Review

EKEN H9 Action Camera review, courtesy of
The EKEN H9 is an affordable action camera that follows the ‘GoPro’ type norm but at a fraction of the price. The camera comes with a plethora of accessories which complements the package perfectly. But don’t let this fool you: the EKEN H9 has a great set of features as well, hardware and software wise.

The camera lens is capable of capturing video at 4K (10fps), 2.7K (15fps), 1080p (60fps/30fps), 720p (120fps/60fps) with a FOV of 170 degrees. Pictures are taken at a 12MP resolution. The EKEN H9 features WiFi 802.11n connectivity options that allow it to be used with an Android or iOS device, using the Ez iCam software. But one thing seperates the EKEN H9 from the rest contenders of this price category: it’s pixel-perfect 2” screen. With vivid colours and brightness, this makes the H9 a great camera to use outdoors as it is possible to review video and pictures easily without the need to use a smart-device application. The H9 comes even with a built-in speaker, so that you can watch – albeit in a 2” screen – your audio/video content.
The camera comes with a 900mAh LiPo battery which is enough for shooting 1080p@60fps video for about an hour. The microSD card slot supports cards up to 64GB (U1-class cards are recommended if you want to capture FullHD video at 60fps) and coupled with a MicroUSB and MicroHDMI port provides many connectivity options. The MicroHDMI port supports 5.8GHz VTX’s with minimum lag. Unfortunately, the MicroUSB port does not output video like specialized cameras (like RunCam2 HD) do. But it costs more than half the price, so no complaints there Smile
Here is a detailed review of the EKEN H9 action camera (in Greek with English subtitles).
EKEN H9 Action Camera detailed review, courtesy of

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