Thursday, November 3, 2016

11.11 Delivery Methods Explained


At we always strive to provide the best prices and customer support. The shipment procedure is part of the e-commerce shopping experience because it actually delivers the requested products to the customer. Each customer is different and the ability to provide the optimal delivery service, adds value to each order and improves customer satisfaction.


At we teamed up with the best worldwide shipping companies so that we are able to deliver all our products to customers all over the world. Care has been taken for products that require special handling (i.e batteries and other chemical-based products), ensuring delivery safety.


Safety is the one part of the delivery equation: the other is speed. This is also an area that we strive to excel and with our new delivery methods we achieved that. These principles apply also during high-volume sale periods – like Double 11 – where some delays are unavoidable due to high demand; in any case, the customer is always assured of the fastest possible delivery service.











The following new shipping methods are provided by in 2016:

  • Priority Line: A new method with – as it names implies – higher shipment/delivery priority than normal methods. This method is provided for Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, the U.S, India, Ireland, most European countries and middle-east countries. Delivery is complete within a few days, therefore ensuring quick arrival.
  • Registered Package: A cheaper (alas slower) shipping method that can also deliver batteries safely. This method provides delivery services to more countries than priority line including Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and others. This method however has longer delivery periods, varying from 3 days to several weeks (on countries with strict customs) but it safeguards delivery to the customer with unique tracking codes.


More shipping options are provided. You can find more information on this page.

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