Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mounting a RunCam2 HD on a Flying3D X6

Recently a RunCam2 HD arrived at my door. You can read a detailed review here, together with a comparison test against Mobius C2 and Xiaomi Yi. The most obvious thing to do was to mount it on my 230mm quadcopter, the Flying3D X6.

Mounting it was quite easy due to the fact that the RunCam2 HD has a flat smooth surface. Using a simple 20mm wide Velcro tape or the 3M Velcro-type material that comes with the camera, you can mount it under the centre of the Flying3D X6 canopy, as shown in the following pictures. I used some double-sided foam tape to each side of the camera, creating two parallel mount-lines, so that any vibration from the quad does not affect the camera.
The result is pretty impressive as shown in the following flight video.
Flying3D X6 with RunCam2 HD mounted underneath

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